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Founded in 2012 by Michael Schembri, Waterart Concepts has transformed mundane bathrooms into works of art and havens of relaxation. Initially working as a Food and beverage manager in the catering industry, Schembri found inspiration in designers he met during his travels. Together with his wife, a specialist in sourcing materials and B2B relationships, he established Waterart Concepts.

Waterart Concepts started with a single shower tray that could be customised to fit awkward angles. This unique product quickly gained success due to its innovative ability to be cut to different angles, non-slip surface, and design that catered to Malta’s architectural challenges. From there, Waterart rapidly grew into a company offering a range of innovative bathroom products.

In 2017, Waterart Concepts formed a strategic partnership with FXB Group, known for its superior-grade furniture. This collaboration led to the creation of a one-stop shop for fitting out homes with premium bathrooms, kitchens, and furniture. The partnership allowed Waterart to expand its product range and embrace a high-end market concept.

Today, Waterart Concepts proudly operates from the first floor of the JoinwellFXB Showroom in Qormi, offering over 200 sqm of inspiring floor space, complete with lift access and ample free parking.

Our Projects

Guided by the core principles of innovation, originality, and quality, Waterart Concepts redefines bathroom design with a pioneering spirit. Some of the company’s notable projects include the Solana Hotel, Pergola Hotel, De Rohan Boutique Hotel, Talbot & Bons Boutique Hotel, Refurbishment of The Palace Hotel, Refurbishment of Qawra Palace Hotel, and HSBC.

Customisation and Personalization

What sets Waterart Concepts apart is the ability to customise products according to client’s needs. From rose gold to gunmetal faucets and intelligent toilets, the company offers a wide range of options that deliver innovative concepts for discerning homes.

Wellness and Luxury

The bathroom is now more than just a functional space but a wellness room. Waterart’s bathtubs feature ultra-narrow rims and seamless designs, while their showers offer intelligent controls and customisable push-button diversions. Vanity units come in various shapes and sizes, either in solid wood or wood treated for bathroom humidity.

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Explore Waterart Concepts’ extensive collections in their showroom, where the passionate team is ready to help you bring your vision to life. Whether your project is residential or commercial, they are dedicated to providing the most stylish, innovative, and high-quality bathroom solutions.

Visit the JoinwellFXB Showroom in Qormi and discover how Waterart Concepts can transform your space into a haven of luxury and innovation.

Address: JoinwellFXB Showroom, 1st Floor, Qormi, Malta

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Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 7 PM
Saturday, 9 AM – 1 PM

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