Bath Tubs

The available space and location are factors that will likely influence you in choosing the type of bath tub.

Find out the right Size for your Bath Tub

Measure Your Space for the best Fit.
Grab a measuring tape before you shop – WaterART has a variety of bath sizes, lengths, widths and heights available on stock.

Different Types of Bath Tubs

Although, the most common bath installation is the built in bath we also provide more elaborated designs such as free standing acrylic bath tub to a very high end matt resin finish free standing bath.
The built in acrylic bath tub is a basic bath still offering clean lines and a nice design at a very reasonable price. We still use good quality materials and certified acrylics ensuring nice finish and stain free acrylics.
On the other hand if you want your bath to be the focal point in your bathroom, the free standing baths are most ideal. These come in acrylic finish or resin materials.

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