Shower Trays

We offer a collection of different types of shower trays.

Resin shower trays

Low profile resin shower trays; WaterART will help you find your pefect match to complete your designer house. At just 3cm high, these low-profile trays give your shower enclosure or walk in shower a modern designer look that suits any bathroom. We offer numerous shower tray sizes, ranging from 80cm by 80cm to 180cm by 90cm. Our trays are finished with a gel coat making them resistant to chemicals and stains.

Free Cut Shower trays

Free cut shower trays gained immediate popularity due to their anti slip properties and more so because they can be cut and custom fit in small awkward spaces.They also come in low profile at just 3cm high having no border gives them a very stylish and sleek look. They are suitable for domestic projects but even more for commercial projects such as hotels and old people’s homes.These also come in various dimensions from 80cm by 80cm to 180cm by 90cm. Free cut trays are made from resin and are also resistant to chemicals and stains.

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