Rain Showers

WaterART unveils its new Luxury Rain Showers dedicated to wellness and relaxation with a green heart: providing water saving shower heads with new air jet technology.

Innovative and Water Saving Shower Heads

Our innovative systems saves water and have the same invigorating shower experience. Our water saving shower head can save up to 30% water and still deliver the same great performance.

The Water Saving Air Jet Shower Head will still produce a comfortable, high pressured shower even if with low pressure water systems. These are suitable not only for domestic purposes but also for commercial projects such as hotels and hospitals.

The new Shower feeling, illuminated Waterfall Shower Heads

WaterART also provides high end shower systems with natural lines,neat and rational Designs that evoke unique architectural spaces, born at FXB studio in Malta.‎ Result of a thorough analysis, WaterART reflects its symbols and poetic expressions by launching its new Rain Shower called LUMINA.

This is a state of the art High Tech engineering product having multi-functional shower system with diverter RAINFALL / WATERFALL / MISTER and LED system. This system can be installed either with the traditional built in wall mixers or otherwise for the tech savvy individuals we can provide Digital Mixers with integrated back lights.

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