Floor Drains

WaterART’s Floor Drains provide an effective system for creating floor even showers.

Choose the perfect shower drain for your bathroom

Our stainless steel floor drains are available in different types such as linear styles and square grates.

They consist of a main trapped body and a wide range of grids in various sizes mainly 30cm, 60cm, and 90 cm that allows floor even showers to be created in various dimensions.
The adjustment of the height of the grid support and the trap body allows adaptation to different installation requirements and to different covering depths.

Advantages of bathroom floor drains

  • Highly attractive aesthetic solution.
  • Minimum installation height is only 65 mm.
  • Stainless steel grids with a refined design available in various sizes.
  • Incorporates a siphon for an effective barrier against odours.
  • Possibility to customize of the grid design.
  • Flow capacity equal to 40 l/min.
  • Possibility of tiling the grid with the same covering as the bathroom floor.

This is WaterART! These are the new WaterARTfloor drains!

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