Bath Design for Disabled and All Ages

How can an object of everyday use become much more innovative and be used in various ways to meet the needs of a whole family, regarding the specific needs of each of its components and the differences among the same needs according to age and possible physical disability?

Safety and Design combined – WaterART’s Bath accessories

Always committed to creating and spreading the values of safety and comfort in the production of quality devices and accessories, WaterART launches a new challenge with a view to redefining such an important room like the bathroom also for those who are handicapped.

WaterART Bathroom aids for all ages and disabled

For this reason, WaterART interpreted various traditional objects transforming them into furnishings accessories, full of personality and of great effect, while offering at the same time an added value in terms of safety. The whole scope of this range of products is to redefine the whole aspect of disabled accessories. Our motto is to provide design for all ages from young to old.

We can advise you to find the best solution for a bath design for disabled and all ages. Contact us today!