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High efficiency toilet with low consumption
Washdown gravity flushing system
100% factory flush tested
Dual flush system

Technical Data Sheet

I WA0110 – 1800*1800*770

Spa Colour: Various

PS Panel: grey, brown, coffee, teak

Control system:  1pc

Water pump: 1.1KW*2 & 0.35KW*1

Heater: 3KW*1

Filter: 1 pc

Colorful light: 1pc

Filter:  1pc

Ozone:  1pc

LED Light: 1 pc

Jet:  3.5″jet: 4pcs

1″jet: 31pcs

Water drianer: 1pc

Recycle net: 2pcs

Pillow:  3pcs

Air adjuster:  1pcs

Seats: 5pcs

Total power: 5.55KW

Water Capacity: 1.0 cubic m (1,000kg)