Sorrento vanity

Smile, happy, bright

Return to the true self, feel the simplicity of the log

The smile shaped invisible handle give you a bright mood every time you see it.


  • 45 degree oblique cut invisible handle;
  • Soft close drawer guard rail;
  • Artificial stone integrated basin;
  • Gel coat surface finish;


  1. Size: 600*420*500H and 800*480*500H;
  2. Material: MDF + artificial stone basin;
  3. Color: White Oak grain;
  4. Environment certification E1;
  5. Design: Smile shaped handles. Aesthetic design of round shaped corners. Safer to use for all the family;
  6. Handle: Comfortable and invisible 45 degree oblique cut handle. Ergonomic design avoids accidental bumps;
  7. Drawer runners: Soft close drawer guard rail. Silent operation. Smooth sliding;
  8. Hanging system: H90


  1. Size: 600*450 and 800*450;
  2. Type: Integrated basin;
  3. Material: Artificial stone;
  4. Finish: Gloss White
  5. Advantage: High quality raw material coated with imported gel coat. The heightened edge prevents water splash. High hardness. Sleek one piece body, easy to dry, clean and maintain.
  6. Pop up included;