Capri – 800*525*500H

Realistic, natural, smooth

Honoring natural and fluent expression.

It is tailored for a space that allows one’s true self to be unleashed.


  • Italian porcelain slab counter-top;
  • Golden ratio of upper and lower drawers;
  • 45 degree oblique cut invisible handle;
  • Soft close drawer guard rail;
  • ABS ultra thin U-shaped drainage pipeline access;


  1. Size: 800*525*500H;
  2. Material: MFC + porcelain slab;
  3. Color: Cement grey/Oak grey
  4. Environment certification E1;
  5. Design: Italian porcelain slab counter-top, merging with sides of the cabinet. Golden ratio upper and lower drawers for convenient storage;
  6. Handle: 45 degree oblique cut invisible handle. Ergonomic design avoids accidental bumps;
  7. Drawer runners: Soft close drawer guard rail. Silent operation. Smooth sliding;
  8. Hanging system: H90


  1. Size: 450*450*110mm;
  2. Type: Vessel basin;
  3. Material: Ceramic
  4. Finish: Gloss White
  5. Advantage: Smooth surface, easy to clean, glazed and doubled fired for durability and stain resistant;
  6. Pop up included;

Category: Bathroom Vanity