WaterART Kitchen Mixers

Ideally matching your kitchen sink, WaterART offers a wide collection of stylish kitchen mixers and fittings. Made from high-quality brass and designed with attention to detail, they offer outstanding functionality and comfort in your kitchen.

Choose from a wide variety of styles such as from classic to contemporary to kitchen water mixer taps designed for water filtration systems.

Features of WaterART Kitchen Mixers

  • Easy touch cartridges providing a smooth easy feel allowing a long life to the cartridge, in addition to facilitate the cartridge motion.
  • Maximum comfort of use through practical additional features – from the retractable hand spray to dual water jets.

Mixers with Sophisticated design and elegant look

The kitchen in becoming more and more a center of attraction reflecting open-plan areas that transitions smoothly into other living space. We offer high end finishes and coordinated design concepts that add great harmony to the overall interior design concept.

With WaterART’s range of kitchen taps and fittings you are able to add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen. Available in various styles, these attractive designer items will upgrade the overall ambiance with a very stylish note.