Free Standing Acrylic Bath Tubs

WaterART offers a vast range of stylish bath tubs.

Why to decide for a free standing acrylic bath?

Freestanding bath tubs are designed for people who want to give their bathrooms a special touch. They make it possible to customize your bathroom’s style by placing the free standing tub at any place in the room wherever you feel it’s most appealing. A practical advantage to built in bath tubs is that the free standing tub in usual requires less space.

Acrylic Bath Tubs – Quality and Processing

In our collection all free standing tubs come with a slim edge and very clean lines. A lot of detail goes also into the manufacturing.
All WaterART acrylic bath tubs are internally re-enforced with wood. This gives added strength and will ensure no cracks during usage. The overflow is neat and finished in stainless steel.
Most of our models are available in stock.

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