Built In Acrylic Bath Tubs

Built-in bathtubs are the most commonly chosen bath tubs.
To become the focal point of a bathroom, they can be encased in a variety of ways using custom enclosures, such as tiling, which are perfectly matched to the rest of the bathroom.

Why to decide for a built-in acrylic tub?

There are many options – stylish, quality and practical options – that you will consider when you decide for the right fit for you and your bathroom space.

WaterART Built-in Acrylic Bath tubs cover them all.
They offer a stylish design that features a gentle curved backrest.
They are made from Lucite, moulded from a high quality reinforced acrylic sheet.

The benefits of Lucite is that this long lasting product has high insulating properties, keeping water warmer for longer and is easy to move and install.

Built In Bath Tubs Product Details

  • Brand: WaterART
  • Colour: European White
  • Material: Lucite (acrylic)
  • Pre-drilled waste and overflow
  • Domestic and hotel use

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