How to choose the right mixer design for your bathroom

The Design

When choosing the design of your mixer it’s important that you look at all the other elements you already chose. or example if you chose a round shower head and round floating toilet then it makes sense to choose a rounded softer design for the mixers.

If you chose a rain shower with more angular square or rectangular design you may opt for the more boxy style to match the overall feel of the bathroom.


Depending on whether this is the main bathroom to be used daily or just a guest bathroom you may want to opt for varying quality. In any case in terms of a mixer it’s always better to go at least middle of the range, in terms of price with a min 5-year guarantee. The reason for this is that mixers can deteriorate fast because you use them a lot, but they can also deteriorate when they are not used especially if surroundings are left humid.

How many pieces?

Mixers come in 3 pieces and single pieces. Usually, the 3 piece gives you a more traditional look whilst the simple single piece will give you a more modern look.

No matter what look you want to achieve we, however, suggest thinking of the functionality. Consider what your taps will be used for and the type of basin, bath or shower the water will flow into. Do you need a taller tap or a wall-mounted version to fit over an inset or the super modern ceiling hanging mixer over a counter basin? Perhaps you need a longer spout to extend across to a freestanding bath?

Whatever your choice make sure you consider water flow. A short spout may mean a dripping free standing mixer. Whilst a traditional mixer with the new super sleek drop shaped baths or basins may look a little ill-matched.