10 Tips for Designing Beautiful Bathrooms

1. Lighting

A very important aspect when designing your bathroom is lighting. Adequate lighting sets the ambience for when you want to sink into a deep soaking tub. The bathroom is a space with many functions, from grooming to relaxing, but bathroom lighting design is often treated as an afterthought.  When you personalize your bathroom with design features tailored to all your needs, you no longer need to plan time to escape to a fancy spa for a little rest.

Ask our designers for some tips.

2. Beautiful Bathrooms Lighting Around the Mirror

The mirror will reflect the most stunning features in the room, including you, so lighting around it is key.

If multi-light fixtures are being used over a mirror, spreading light evenly in the mirror will help to eliminate shadows under your eyes. Selecting bulbs designed for vanity illumination and labelled in the daylight spectrum will better reflect how you look. Replacing an incandescent bulb with a compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) will result in greater energy efficiency.

3. Add a Shampoo Niche for Functionality

A shower niche is a helpful feature in beautiful bathrooms. A niche should be practical and beautiful. Some of the prettiest niches incorporate mosaics or matching counter material with the shower flooring. The materials you choose to create a personal statement will also compliment the color scheme and feel of the design.

Most niches are placed at eye level, so they command attention upon entering the bathroom, while others are hidden out of sight against a side wall. To polish off the niche with extra beauty, bullnose the shelf edges to ensure they are smooth and so

4. Think About Soothing Colors

Color, like faucets and light-fixture finishes, is personal and reflects who you are, while setting the tone for the space and its use. In beautiful bathrooms designed with a purpose, color is critical. Neutral colors, like shades of white, Earth tones, greys, and tans, create a sense of calm, peacefulness, and order perfect for pampering and relaxing; whereas, bolder colors tend to invigorate and motivate. Both choices are acceptable and dictate the mood you are interested in creating.
If you are unsure, then a neutral palette is a good decision. If darker hues are a favourite, then glossy finishes work better, because they reflect light, making the room look bigger and brighter, rather than smaller and densely compacted.
With so many choices, it’s important to keep the color scheme simple and fluid; otherwise, your bathroom might feel more uneasy than relaxing. A main color for the walls with one to two accessorizing colors works best.

5. Hidden Storage Is a Treasure Chest

Extra storage is always a gift. Hidden storage can be carved out of interior walls, similar in design to a shower niche. Vanities and tall units are ideal for storage. inside

When storage niches are carved into a wall, as opposed to bulging out like standard cabinets or vanities, the space will feel larger and more open. A simple, practical solution to keeping your bathroom organized and beautiful is to attach organizers inside the medicine cabinet or vanity doors.
The above new storage designs supplied by WaterART is an innovative way of concealed storage systems.

6. Keep the Toilet Behind a Door

All bathrooms have a toilet, but beautiful bathrooms conceal it behind a door or partition. If your square footage is limited, define a space for it, so that it can be camouflaged from being the first thing you see upon entering the room.
Store it behind the main door so that when the door is open, you won’t see it as you walk into the room. Companies like WaterART are designing unusually shaped commodes to look like a design element or a seat. Regardless of how you choose to disguise the toilet, ensure it is not a main feature or focal point of the room.

7. A Free-Standing Soaking Tub Makes a Statement

Although there has been much debate about whether a bathtub is necessary in today’s home remodels, where families are trying to make the most of every square inch, the verdict is in and confirms a bathtub is most definitely essential to complete the feeling of luxury. Beautiful bathrooms invite us in to relax and feel like we are being pampered at a spa; soaking in a tub filled with bubbles and sea salts provides the rest and relaxation many look forward to enjoying after a hard day of work or play.
Add to the ambience with an over-the-tub light, such as a hanging chandelier. Hang the light fixture so that the bottom of it is at least seven feet above the floor and connect the light to a dimmer switch to enhance mood lighting.

8. Spa Shower Is a Necessary Feature in a Beautiful Bathroom

As important as a luxurious soaking tub is a state-of-the-art spa shower in beautiful bathrooms. Taking a shower is something you do almost every day, and sometimes twice a day, so use wonderfully stylish and functional features to transform a mundane necessity into a deluxe experience.

When designing a spa shower, consider the benefits from installing a ceiling-mounted, rain-shower showerhead to soak you from above, while vertical rows of body sprays that massage you in a crisscross pattern to relieve muscle tension. Keep in mind, a ceiling-mounted showerhead will require changes to the existing plumbing layout.

Hand-held showerheads, which do not need plumbing changes, make it easier to spray down legs for shaving, rinsing off shampoo and soap, and cleaning off walls. For a custom-made stall, frameless glass doors showcase stunning tile work and give the impression of an open, larger space to relax inside. For an added personal statement, select a square drain in the shower, which will better fit a tile layout if using squares on the floor.

9. Use Large Floor Tiles for a Fluid Flow

The size of the tile will greatly affect the transformation and feel of a space. Large floor tiles provide an alluringly seamless flow from wall to wall along the floor and set the stage for lighting fixtures and soaking tubs to pop in beautiful bathrooms. Laying larger square, rectangle, or 90cm-plank tiles will make a room appear larger and wider. With larger tiles, thin grout lines are less frequent and visually less busy.

Installing floor tiles on a diagonal will also open the space for a more streamlined effect, giving the appearance of more square footage to move around in. A honed finish is important to consider when using larger tiles, because it will provide better traction; whereas, highly polished finishes are slippery when wet.

Remember, wall tiles should never be larger than its complementary floor tile; otherwise, they will compete in a disproportionate look and feel. The aim is to create a streamlined, cohesive look and feel for a personalized sanctuary.

10. Float the Vanity

A floating vanity, or wall-mounted vanity, in bathrooms is a cabinet designed to provide all the storage space of a typical cabinet, but since it is mounted on the wall, it provides a new take on space efficiency. Unlike some bulky, heavy-looking vanities, the look is very streamlined. With space on the floor a premium in bathrooms, a floating vanity frees up more accessible square footage along the floor to use, while appearing to look even more spacious and airy.

If additional storage is needed for fluffy towels or beauty accessories, hanging or floating shelves below it can be installed, with or without baskets. A floating vanity also gives the impression of a cleaner, healthier environment, because things appear to be put away and not cluttered along the floor.


A beautiful bathroom will reflect your personal taste and create an environment you seek to relax and rejuvenate.