Water Art is greatly committed to creating products that minimise energy consumption and waste. By means of innovative technologies, we invest in research and development to minimise risk and achieve a high level of efficiency. We have discovered the winning combination: with the latest technology and our high quality materials, both of which have enabled us to create the most economical water solutions.

Of course, water plays a great role in Water Art’s activities. We have focused on the consumption of water occurring under controlled conditions and in the most efficient of ways. The water is filtered and thus, consumption is controlled.

Water Art specialises in brand new eco-efficient products, such as the Acrylic Bathtub series, designed to hold a lower volume of water and the ECO Cartridge, which further promotes reasonable water consumption.

When it comes to environmental challenges, Water Art does not rest back on its laurels. The focus is on continuing to develop projects directed at achieving more efficient products and processes, which have positive effects on the environment, not only on a national, but global level.