These are highlights of some of the recent projects we have worked on.

How to choose the right mixer design for your bathroom

The Design When choosing the design of your mixer it’s important that you look at all the other elements you already chose. or example if you chose a round shower head and round floating toilet then it makes sense to choose a rounded softer design for the mixers. If you chose a rain shower with more angular square or rectangular design you may opt for the more boxy style to match the overall feel of the bathroom. Materials Depending on whether this [...]

5 Simple ways to make any bathroom look and feel bigger

The comfort and privilege of a large bathroom is not always an option. As time goes by, apartments and even houses are becoming smaller and smaller as the population grows. However, with a few tweaks, any bathroom can look more spacious. Follow these 5 simple tips when planning your bathroom for a more spacious feel. 1. Use light-colored tiles. By using light colours, you create a lighter effect on the walls and double the light. A well-lit room will seem [...]