5 Simple ways to make any bathroom look and feel bigger

5 Simple ways to make any bathroom look and feel bigger

The comfort and privilege of a large bathroom is not always an option. As time goes by, apartments and even houses are becoming smaller and smaller as the population grows. However, with a few tweaks, any bathroom can look more spacious.

Follow these 5 simple tips when planning your bathroom for a more spacious feel.

1. Use light-colored tiles.
By using light colours, you create a lighter effect on the walls and double the light. A well-lit room will seem automatically bigger so adequate ceiling lights are a necessity.

2. Use a big mirror.
Large mirrors increase the lighting by reflecting it and give you the optical illusion of having more space.

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3. Keep the decor to one colour.

It will give a seamless feel and create the illusion of more space and less clutter.

4. Use furniture without legs.

If your storage furniture and vanity have no legs, the room will automatically look bigger. Floating furniture makes a space feel larger.


5. Use a floating toilet bowl and hidden flushing.
This will greatly reduce the space you require for your toilet and clear simple visual lines that float. It will make the room look lighter with fewer lines and less clutter.


6. Take the tile in the shower up to the ceiling.
It amazes me how builders will stop the tiles below the ceiling, then trim out the edge of the tile with bullnose edges. That probably costs more money than just taking the tile all the way up to the ceiling. Tiling all the way up will make the shower look larger. Fewer borders and colour contrasts will make the room feel more spacious. 

Fewer transitions + less contrast = more expansive feel.


7. Use clear glass in your shower.  

Textured glass can make the space feel like it has an extra wall. You may be able to get light in and have some privacy, but it will be a visual barrier within the room.

8. Recess your cabinetry and shampoo shelving into the walls. 

Just like a typical medicine cabinet is recessed into a wall, if you have a linen cabinet that protrudes out into the central space of the room, and you need just a few more inches of storage, bury it into the wall. Of course, doing so will require the walls to be reframed in that area, but that’s alright! Because it’s amazing what a few extra inches will get you!

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