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Gruppo WATERART is engaged in turning things inside out by adopting a new approach towards innovation and quality.

Bathrooms and Sanitary Accessories and Fittings

Production diversification and a consistent supply of stylish products has played a key role in establishing WaterART as a state of the art brand providing sophisticated modern designs and innovative solutions. Today the Group’s portfolio of products offers a vast product range focusing mainly on bathrooms and sanitary.

Bathrooms by WaterART Concepts

Malta’s first flagship shop located in Qormi is WaterART’s first-ever space to have a dedicated space show casing a mix of materials from tiles to faucets to vanities up to spa systems to shower trays and elegant bath tubs, and a design that is sympathetic to the building itself, which add up to a more luxurious feel for the brand. With all of WaterART’s diverse product range available under one roof, it’s a complete brand experience.

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Mission statement of the company: Water Art prides itself on the original design and creation of high quality, long lasting products for consumers.

Specialising in bathroom fittings and accessories, Water Art utilises the most innovative of materials, whilst simultaneously combining functionality and aesthetics, surpassing customer expectations.

 The production lines have been approved by the TUV Quality system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards

Latest from WaterArt Concepts

We have our latest design resin bath tubs available. Check the new models out and get in touch with us for more information.